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Pamela Van Nest took a deep dive into coaching business women
after her work with business clients successfully offered
them strategies to handle the unique issues experienced
only by women in positions of power and authority.

Her female entrepreneurial clients and executives feel comforted
by Pam's quiet competence and persistent drive to get at the underlying issues that sabotage their performance on the job.

Together, they explore the causes for procrastination,
second guessing key decisions,
and tendencies to over-explain in team meetings.

Something of a savant, Pamela Van Nest asks probing questions
in a gentle and sage manner.

She helps women in power and authority
to identify and remedy
their doubts and fears so that they can advance professionally,
take charge when they need to do so,
and work as effective corporate team members.

Pamela started coaching in 2011 after many years
as a special education teacher,
consultant, and instructional coach.

She is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach since 2013,
and an Associate Certified Coach through
the International Coaches Federation since 2014.