Welcome to Bob's Blog

As the system administrator, it is my duty to see that this blog system remains fully functional.  So far so good!

Site Upgrade to newer version

This site is now using the latest and greatest version.

I tweaked it a little

Ok, so I tweaked some settings.

Lets just see what happens.

Day 2 of new upgrade

This is on now (squeal).   Hello, thank you and Welcome.

The lamb has settled now.


System upgrade Successful

According to all the indicators, I have performed a successful system upgrade.

We will now see how this takes hold.  Hopefully we won't be losing anymore posts!

It stumbled that time.

That time it didn't.

Ok, lets go for the gold!

Hello Hello Testing 1 2 3

Hello (tap tap) is this thing on? Testing 1 2 3
Mary had a little lamb
It made a wonderful stew
Taters and carrots and celery
Yum Yum
Then Mary took a snooze.