All of Who I Be: Claiming my Radiant Essence

Saturday, October 13th 9:00am to 5:30pm. Golden Pathways B&B 3075 Wallis Pt. Rd. Otonabee, ON

Through Interactive Workshops, Meditation, and Solitude you will:

Dive into the paradox of who you be.

Define and Claim your Radiant Essence.

Apply new perspectives in solving challenges.

Practice Self-Compassion through Loving Kindness

In this one day retreat surrounded by the beauty of nature you will:

Renew your commitment to Self-Acceptance. 

Stop being so hard on yourself.

Listen to your intuition.

Face the inner critic with curiosity and awareness.

‘Take aways’ from participants in past retreats.

“This retreat was a gentle awakening to me to all I could be.”

“This retreat was so much more meaningful than I expected it to be.  The activities and interactions became transformative. Truly.”  Karen E., Ph.D., Toronto

“Using my Radiant Essence puts me in a position of positivity and power."

“These exercises helped me to be more compassionate and forgiving of myself.”  

"This was the best thig I've done for myself in Ages.  I needed to find a safe, nurturing place.  This was it."  Joelle K., Peterborough

Golden Pathways B&B 3075 Wallis Pt. Rd. Otonabee, ON

  • A comfortable workshop room and sitting room with a scenic view
  • A delicious afternoon meal and nutritious snacks during the day
  • Access to the beautiful grounds at Golden Pathways

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12 spaces available

Registration $225* due at the time of registration. 

*Cancellation policy

In the event, you are unable to attend, your  registration may be:

  1. transferred to another person, 
  2. applied toward a future retreat
  3. applied to 90 min. of personal coaching

To register call or text Pamela Van Nest at 705-917-0461 or email

”You wonder, at times, what it is you might do that you’d be wildly successful at.

And I wonder, at times, how you seem to miss that you already are.”

The Universe  

                                                        Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley