About Pam

Pamela Van Nest is an expert at guiding women:

  • To quiet the inner critic  
  • To be self accepting instead of being hard on themselves
  • To develop a plan of self-care, being kinder to themselves

For the past 6 years, Pam has been coaching individuals, leading workshops and speaking to women about how and why their inner self-talk can hold them back.  She is an expert in guiding women to tame self-doubt and step into a compassionate confidence that is calming, grounded, and strong.

Through visualizations, self-compassion tools, Pam coaches women

  • to face how they put themselves aside. 
  • to anchor themselves to their Divine Essence 
  • to embrace their fear and hesitation that keep them playing small.    

Pam draws on her experience as a Teacher, a Consultant and Instructional Coach as well as her training as a certified coach.  She is a certified Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, A Certified Associate Coach through the International Coach Federation, and a Group Certified Coach.

Her many years in a 12 Step program have given her insights into fear that leads to self-doubt and perfectionism and many tools and strategies to use those insights in being present with clients. 

Pam holds the Second Degree of Reiki