Coaching With Pam

Benefits of Coaching in Self-Kindness


Feel the power and Trust YOUR Wise One Within

Be committed to acting on what is b est for you

Feel calm joy and deepen your spirituality

Trust Your ideas, decisions, and choices



"After 1 session, I feel empowered and hopeful, ready to work on the next step in my process."

"Pam has a distinctive style of coaching and her use of effective questions helped me articulate my dreams." 



In addition to 1 to 1 coaching, Pam leads one, two and three day retreats.  These contemplative events allow participants to:

  • Quiet the inner critic to get in touch with one's inner most essence and listen to their intuition, and inner spirit.
  • Reconnect and renew  commitment to  inner growth.

Activities are designed to:

  • Create the inner space for questioning thoughts and learn to turn them around
  • Reconnect with one's Inner Authority and reshape their inner dialogue.
  • Play with new perspectives, and decide how  to play a “Bigger Game”.
  • Quiet the mind, accept and connect to one's most magnificent self.

Here are some thoughts from participants of the last two retreats.

“I can choose to question my beliefs.”  

"I am way more capable than I think.”  

“I have so many more options than I imagined.”  

“This retreat made me look at myself and my feelings.”

"I Have So Many Questions?"


What is coaching like with you Pam?

Coaching is a joint venture.  When we begin I recommend that you take the VIA Strengths Assessment which lists for you your 4 top "signature strengths".  From there you decide from where you are now, where do you want to be in three or six months?  Coaching building a bridge from here to there and spans the gap of not knowing.

I do this through deep listening and  powerful questions that allow you to see yourself and your situation from many  perspectives.

What is the cost of coaching?

I have a number of packages available ranging from one, one hour session to two, three or four sessions a month.  We work together to create a coaching schedule to meet your needs.  Some clients prefer a three month commitment while others make it on-going.  We design  times and schedules that work for you.

Six hours of coaching is $997 and payment plans are available.


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