On-line Retreat June 19th, 7-10 pm, June 20th 9 am-Noon


Serenity, Courage and Wisdom: The Sound of Self-Compassion

This retreat will be an opportunity during this most uncertain time to set time aside for your self-care, in the company of other women, perhaps from your neighborhood or from anywhere in the world.  Technology will allow us to come together while protecting us at the same time.

You will leave with a concrete, integrated plan to open and grow your self-compassion.

Honouring our needs,
Reaching out
Supporting ourselves and others

Elements of Self-Compassion

It will be a unique experience of self reflection, self-compassion and healing sound, led by Pamela Van Nest, Self-Compassion Coach and Leah Glatz, Sound Healing Facilitator.

On the Friday evening from 7 pm to 10 pm  we explore  self-compassion and  self-talk.  
After a good night's sleep,  we will continue on the Saturday morning at 9 am til noon, exploring our inner dimensions and continuing to integrate sound to explore self compassion from your inner soul’s wisdom.

To register contact me at pamelavannest@pvncoaching.com
The cost is $Pay-What-You-Are-Able $25-$250


Rosemary Ganley, a writer for the Examiner, shared this statement after a 15 minute Sprint coaching session with me:

“When a person of depth and insight listens attentively to one's deep yearnings and uncertainties and then offers gentle feedback, fifteen minutes can do as much good as months of counselling!”

From the Retreat, Serenity Courage and Wisdom, The Sound of Self-Compassion,

Ann Hobday had these reflections 

"I have referred to my notes and breathed, hugged myself and think about what makes me happy and fulfilled, I so loved this retreat. I’m a slow learner and needed this reminder to  be true to myself. Pam, “you did good!” Seriously, this shifted my  thinking during this pandemic. Thank you.  I enjoyed laughing at each other and ourselves doing and sharing  paradoxical thinking and the exercises Leah shared were very helpful and something I never knew.  Ann Hobday-Potter 2020

Anne D. shared:

"This retreat came at a needed time. Thank you Pam I have become more aware of self compassion.
The  most valuable thing I learned about self compassion and my needs during  this retreat is that I do not show myself any self compassion. I need  to give myself time to do this no matter what is going on in my life. I  also noted that I do not know at times what I need and I hope with self  compassion I will become more aware of my needs and listen to myself to  become more aware of what is happening inside of me." Anne D. Peterborough

Tanya Geisler, Leadership Coach and Imposter Complex Expert expressed this about her experience:

"I think this was a brilliant retreat...especially given how frayed people are in this strange time. The timing was perfection for me.  Self-compassion is so much simpler than I thought to access. Not EASY, mind you, but simpler.

It's not hard to make it a priority. But it is vital."